Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Crew Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd is committed to the prevention of occupational injury and illnesses, compliance to all applicable legislation and internal Crew standards and continual improvement in its occupational health and safety at work performance.

To achieve this crew electrical engineering company limited will provide a healthy and safe place of work for its employees, visitors and engineers. However they will be held responsible for their own safety and that of others. The responsibility for implementing this policy lies directly and personally with line management from board of directors through to employees and electrical engineers/technicians and all will be held accountable.

Accordingly, Crew Electrical Engineering Company Limited objectives are to:

  • Ensure commitment to occupational health and safety at work (Crew Standards). So as to safeguard the well-being of those working on, visiting and living near our operations everywhere.
  • Provide a healthy and safe place of work for its employees, visitors and engineers.
  • Prevent property damage, business interruption, loss prevention, fires to our business operations and that of our neighbour, and monitor the impact of our operations and activities on people and property.
  • Develop innovative work methods/procedures and processes, combine effective use of personal protection that reduce the level of risk in the workplace.
  • Adhere to the global risk management standards by implementing license to operate standards, safe travel policy, implementation of severe fatal injury prevention programme, all of which will develop a culture of work place safety, allowing us to meet our commitment of everyone goes home safe everyday everywhere.’

To achieve the above objectives, Crew Electrical Engineering Company limited will:

  • Develop, design, operate and maintain facilities and processes that are safe and without risk to health.
  • Develop, introduce and maintain systems, which will establish appropriate standards of occupational health and safety and ensure compliance with all internal Crew Standards by means of regular auditing monitoring and review.
  • Set annual improvement objectives and target and review these to ensure they are being met at company, site and departmental levels ensure continual improvement.
  • Involve employees in the preparation, review and implementation of this policy and provide appropriate training and safety awareness within the site.
  • Hold management at all levels accountable for the occupational health and safety performance of their direct reports.
  • Comply with all applicable national legislation and Crew Standards and apply more stringent criteria than those required by law when we believe this to be appropriate.
  • Provide for dissemination of information on health and safety at work by establishing suitable communication networks both within Crew electrical Eng. Co. Ltd and with outside bodies. As management of Crew Electrical Eng. Co. Ltd we fully endorse this policy and shall implements and operations in Ghana